The Fly to the Sky

Tady jsem zkusil složit takovou jednoduchou básničku anglicky, kterou chci věnovat Najje pod stromeček. 😀 O obsahu této básničky se můžete domnívat, o čem to vlastně je, Najja to ví, tak více neřeknu. 😀 Takže Najjo, hezké Vánoce. 😀

The Fly to the Sky

To be alone is what you want,
To do anything on your mind,
Sometimes you can have something more,
But what it is you must find,

When someone come with the same idea,
You will see it light up you,
When many your minds are still the same,
You start think it’s great for you,

The fly to the sky is what is happening,
This is settled only for you,
You still think just like me,
And the same reads for you,

Say the word I’ll say the same,
Think up an idea, will be written there,
Being together is great,
Being with each other we create,

Someday to be ready for more,
What isn’t now it could be,
When two people are together,
Everything possible, she and he.

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